The Greenspan Floortime Approach Course for Parents

Since Dr. Greenspan developed Floortime, it has helped countless children and families overcome challenges such as Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorders, developmental delays, and many other diagnoses. Many child development professionals nationwide have been trained in and practice The Greenspan Floortime Approach with their clients.

Learn Floortime at Home from Stanley Greenspan

Now you can learn Floortime directly from the man who developed it, from your own home and at your own pace, with The Greenspan Floortime Approach Online Video Course. You’ll get tools you need to practice Floortime with your own child. You will see Floortime at work through the many video examples of Dr. Greenspan with parents and children. The Parent Course focuses on information that busy parents can use quickly. (This course contains all the video examples that are in the Professional Course as well as discussions of Floortime and the DIR Model but eliminates more technical information targeted to professionals.)

The Floortime Course for Parents (6 hours)

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The Floortime course is offered 24/7 and is available for 90 days from when you register. Log-in as often as you like during that time. You will be able to check the expiration date by clicking on MY ACCOUNT on the Navigation Bar.

How do we develop? Understanding Developmental Challenges: This section sets the basic framework for how emotional, cognitive, social, and motor functioning fit together.

Can your children improve? Understanding Your Child’s Challenges: This section explains the process of observing your child and identifying your child’s individual developmental challenges. Children are not their diagnosis.

What can you do? Working through Challenges: This section gives you Floortime principles on how to help your child learn to communicate, relate, and overcome their weaknesses.

What is the research behind Floortime? Research Results and Outcomes: This section describes several studies that show significant improvements from Floortime.

Each of these four sections is broken up into 4 or 5 video clips. Many are examples of Dr. Greenspan working with parents. The video clips average 20 minutes each, and the total time is 6 hours. Each lecture and demonstration is available as an individual, on-demand video to watch as you wish. If you complete the short evaluation at the end of the course, your suggestions will help us to improve the course. We would greatly appreciate this assistance to make the course as useful to parents as possible.

  • Learn Floortime from its creator Dr. Stanley Greenspan!
  • Improve interaction and communication with your child
  • Watch videos at your own pace, from your own home
  • Includes FREE access to the Assessment for one child for one year

Buy Now – $95 for 90 days access to Parent Course Videos