Greenspan Floortime Parent Lecture Series

Greenspan Floortime Parent Lecture Series

8pm EST on November 28th, December 5th and December 12th


All children have unique personalities. Children with special needs, behavior problems, social difficulties and learning challenges are no exception.  They too can have every combination of personality traits, including being warm, funny, communicative, and caring, but often these traits have to be nurtured.  And the best nurturers are parents. Nurturing by parents not only promotes these traits, it strengthens the relationship between parent and child. Additionally, it gives parents a greater understanding of what their child needs and how they can have more control over their child’s developmental process and progress.  By nurturing these core capacities children can grow up to be funny, happy, warm, and caring adults. 

The Greenspan Floortime Approach® is a developmental approach that focuses on strengthening the whole child. Through it children improve their ability to 1) regulate their nervous system, 2) attend to their environment, 3) relate to the world with a broad range of emotion, 4) communicate with gestures and verbally, and 5) think logically—the steps in a child’s developmental ladder.  Mastering these functional capacities in the developmental ladder enables children, and actually all of us, to learn, to socialize, think, and cope with life’s emotional stressors.


Lecture Series (register for each seperately)

Understanding your Child - Introduction to The Learning Tree (the DIR Model) ---November 28th: 8-9pm EST

Jake Greenspan (The Floortime Center®) will describe Dr. Stanley Greenspan's definitive developmental model, The Learning Tree. This lecture will cover how to understand your child unique profile, regardless of diagnosis.  Understanding a child’s developmental profile helps us identify the core areas we need to work on and set developmentally appropriate goals.  These core developmental abilities help drive learning, communication, and positive behavior.   REGISTER HERE


Helping the Whole Child Part1- An Evidence Based Approach to improving Communication, Self-Control, and Emotional Health----December 5th: 8-9pm EST

Children with developmental challenges often have difficulties communicating, controlling impulses, and staying connected around a range of experiences and emotions.  We will discuss how to use The Greenspan Floortime Approach to improve a child’s sensory and emotional processing while encouraging communication and thinking.  This lecture will cover techniques for children mastering the social emotional abilities for children ages 0-3.5. If your child is older but has delays this lecture is still for you.  REGISTER HERE

Helping the Whole Child Part2 – An Evidence Based Approach to improving Communication, Self-Control, and Emotional Health---December 12th: 8-9pm EST

As children age and progress past the first 6 developmental of Dr. Greenspan’s Model, there is still more work to be done. Executive functioning, advanced social skills and higher levels of emotional maturity all demand more sophisticated thinking. These higher levels of thinking are essential for becoming a successful adult. We will explore the levels and explain techniques to help your child achieve mastery at each stage leading to improved learning, better emotional communication, and positive behavior.   (Only parents who have attended one of the  other 2 lectures will be given a link to this)