Online Manual 90-Days

You have a choice with the Floortime Manual--30 days or 90 days. We recommend the 90 day option because it gives you 3 times over to do your own sessions, check back to the manual to help solve problems in the session, re-watch the clips and listen to the audios, and review all the materials in the resouces section, including the ideas for different types of play.

Greenspan Floortime has a simple goal: connect to your child's emotions.  Even so, every time you watch the Floortime clips you will hear some insight you missed the time before. 

The Floortime Manual is interactive and online 24/7. Short video segments of Floortime sessions identify the main steps. You can check your understanding through Practice evaluations of the video sessions. Audio clips by Dr. Greenspan further explain the techniques and offer insights for doing Floortime with children who are avoidant, aimless, revved up, rigid, aggressive, passive, self-stimulatory, repetitive, or inattentive. Clear directions help you organize a Floortime session. It takes about 2 hours to go through one type of play. You also can go through the two other types of play, find out what to do for difficult behaviors, and check out the resources. Your knowledge will let you decide how best to provide what a child needs.

The manual is available 24/7 for 90 days from when you register.

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