Research Articles on the Efficacy of Floortime

Floortime is evidence-based and supported by strong research. These research results show evidence supporting improvement in the core issues in autism through Floortime (or developmental interventions based on Floortime).

  • Measuring and supporting language function for children with autism: evidence from a randomized control trial of a social-interaction-based therapy.
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  • Home-based DIR Floortime Intervention Program for preschool children with autism spectrum disorders: Preliminary findings.
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  • PLAY Project Home Consultation Intervention Program for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
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  • A one-year prospective follow-up study of a DIR/Floortime parent training intervention for pre-school children with autistic spectrum disorders.
    Kingkaew Pajareya and Kaewta Nopmaneejumruslers (2012)
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  • A pilot randomized controlled trial of DIR/Floortime parent training intervention for pre‐school children with autistic spectrum disorders.
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  • Floor time play with a child with autism: a single-subject study.
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