Professional Course

The Professional Course contains Dr. Greenspan’s lectures and his video coaching examples that show you how to work successfully with children with ASD and accompanying developmental challenges. You learn to: 1) analyze development, including motor, affective, sensory, language, and cognitive, and sense of self; 2) determine developmental levels and evaluate emotional and developmental delays and disorders; and 3) organize and run social groups.

The Professional Course offers:

  • Guidance in Assessing, Diagnosing, Treating children with autism and developmental delays, such as in communicating and relating, sensory processing, and behavior and learning.
  • Assessment: with emphasis on constitutional and maturational patterns, developmental delays, sensory processing systems, and family patterns.
  • Diagnosis: with emphasis on determining the emotional range and constitutional variations, and the stages of development.
  • Treatment: with emphasis on explanation of Greenspan Floortime, creating and organizing Floortime social groups, understanding of challenges such as anxiety, depression and aggression.
  • Use of The Greenspan Floortime Approach featuring coaching examples with children on the autism spectrum by Dr. Stanley Greenspan
  • An 11-hour course, available 24/7 with on-demand videos to view at your own pace .
  • Free Mastery test
  • Certificate of Mastery of course material with passing of test
  • Certificate of attendance for taking the course
  • Submission for ASHA CEUs (no extra charge by us) with passage of the mastery test
  • Discount of 10% for a group of 5 or more
  • Discount of 50% on Workshops after purchase of the Professional Course
  • Evidence-based Research that supports Greenspan Floortime (click here)

This course is available 24/7 for 90 days from when you register.  

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